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Winawood furniture

We go through a list of weatherproof furniture, the benefits, the bad points, where you should purchase, the various types available in the UK, and a roundup of the other places to find more information online.

Garden furniture that can be left outside all year round is becoming a more popular choice as we move into the summer of 2019.

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All Weather Garden Furniture Benefits

There are many good points when choosing all weather furniture, and the main ones can be summarised below:

  • Less work – unlike wood, you don’t need to sand it down or oil it regularly.
  • Less expensive (long term) – you won’t need a cover, or to replace it as often, and therefore saves you money in the long run.
  • Takes up less space – because you don’t need to store it inside during the winter, you have more room for other things.

All in all it seems positive, but lets take a look at the bad points below.

All Weather Garden Furniture Problems

The main disadvantages in choosing all weather furniture can be summarised below, however it’s not a huge list:

  • More expensive (upfront) – the upfront costs are often in the region of 35% more than normal garden furniture, which can be difficult for some to swallow.
  • Not as traditional – the appearance is often slightly more manufactured, lacking the natural elegance of a wooden product.
  • Guarantees – some furniture isn’t guaranteed, and so you’re taking a shot in the dark as to whether or not you are getting a good deal.

If you’re interested in waterproofing your current furniture, checkout this video.

Buying All Weather Garden Furniture in the UK

Now the all important part, where to purchase. You really have two options here, as summarised below:

  • Online retailer – searching for an appropriate retailer online, via Google normally, and choosing one with a good number of reviews, a money back guarantee, and a phone number you can contact.
  • A garden centre – these will normally stock a good range of furniture for you to browse and then get delivered to your home.

I would recommend choosing a UK retailer, as this ensures your product will arrive on time and you’ve got someone to call if things go wrong.

July 2019 update, you can get all weather garden furniture here

Types of All Weather Garden Furniture

The best type of furniture you can get that will survive all weathers are as follows:

  • all weather rattan – this synthetic rattan has been UV stabilised to ensure no damage from the sun, and usually comes with an aluminium frame that will not rust.
  • Winawood furniture – this is a resin of compressed plastics and polystyrene, I like that it gives it a wood like effect with a slight grain in the material.
  • Cast aluminium – a lot more heavy then the others, and I personally think it’s slightly outdated now.

Further Reading

Hey this might not be a comprehensive view on all weather garden furniture, so feel free to continue reading some more articles that I’ve found to be useful on the topic!

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