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"Rhianna had a fantastic four weeks on the Children’s Summer Play Scheme. She has enjoyed all of the sessions. The staff have been absolutely fantastic with the children, many thanks to Autism Sussex"

Parent Suzanne Bowley

Parents Workshops and Support Groups


Crawley – Maria Box

White Knight Pub, Worth Road, Pound Hill, Crawley, RH10 7DY

Tuesday 10am-12pm.

21st January

18th February

18th March

15th April

20th May


Lewes - Peter Wells

Monday 11am – 1pm.

Challoner Hall, St Pancras Church, Irelands Lane, Lewes, BN7 1QX

26th January

23rd February

23rd March

27th April

Thursday 7-9pm

Phoenix Centre, 26 Malling Street, Lewes BN7 2RD

15th January

12th February

12th March

16th April


B&H - Amy Blincko

Open Market, Marshalls Row, Brighton, BN1 4JU

Monday 10am – 12pm

12th January

9th February

9th March

13th April

11th May

8th June


Thursday 7-9pm

29th January

26th February

26th March

30th April

21st May

25th June


Hailsham – PLO TBC

Hailsham East Community Centre, Vega Close, Hailsham, BN27 2JZ

Thursday 5-7pm

8th January

5th February

5th March

2nd April

30th April

28th May

25th June